Raceday at CalSpeed
Tuesday January 28, 2014

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Season Openers always have an air of excitement around them. The competition was already fierce before a green flag had even dropped; the Super Series saw 112 drivers rested and ready to tear up the track, but only after they fought their way through registration. Some were not so lucky as the wait list grew with familiar names from last season who were forced to watch Round 1 from the fence. Arkham Motorsports is a team founded by Bruce Allen and consists of a group of hand picked drivers to lead charges for the various championships and sub-championships being contested at Calspeed. For their sophomore year, Arkham had us design custom race suits to compliment their program and Darren at ONE Racegear has been hard at work trying to fill the order as he makes each one by hand, tailored to each individuals' specifications. Other competitors definitely noticed the professional presence and rumor has it Bruce was walking around the pits singing "I be on my suit and tie" for most of the day. The suits must be working because the tone for 2014 has been set as many Arkham members posted some of their career best finishes. The sun began to set early, and the win came down to a photo finish.


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